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flower-expert-red-and-pink-rosesI started this page with one goal and one mission, to spread the word about going natural and organic.  As many has said so what’s the big deal, why is it so important. Number one reason I tell everyone is it will make your quality of life so much better. I myself has lost 100lbs since going organic and clean. My son no longer needs his asthma inhaler since switching and my daughter’s ezcema is gone and I have saved money on our house hold budget.

I will be sharing my own personal recipes that my friends and family absolutely love. From house hold cleaning, skin care, hair care and more. Going green isn’t as drastic as some may think. Did I also mention it will save you money?

Take a look around and come back often as I am always adding new recipes, tips and tricks. I love feedback so if you have a question, comment or just need to know just leave it in the comment section. As always smile, you’re beautiful.

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