Spinach Pasta Recipe


Veggies are good , veggies are great, but veggies can get kinda boring. Anyone on the clean eating journey knows how daunting it can be to get those essential servings into your tummy. What gets even more tiring is trying to keep them appealing to your kids. So, as a mom and some adults as well if we can find  a way to sneak veggies into our food without much notice we jump on it.  That is exactly why I created this spinach pasta recipe. Using heart healthy whole wheat flour, puree spinach and an egg, we can get the veggies we need and not even know. This pasta is very good as you can serve with red sauce, or just some olive oil and garlic. I am betting this pasta will replace all traditional pasta in your clean eating meals. This recipe takes a bit of time so I suggest either doing it earlier in the day before dinner or make a bunch at once to store and save for future meals.

You will need:

  • 3/4 cup of spinach fresh or frozen
  • 1/4 cup of water
  • 1 egg
  • 3 cups of whole wheat flour

In a blender add the spinach, water and egg; blend until it is pureed. If you want to leave it a little “chuncky” that is ok too.


In a large bowl or stand mixer combine spinach puree and flour. Mix and knead until a soft ball is formed. The longer it kneads the softer and more elastic it becomes, which is great for making pasta.

spinach pasta dough

Now, cut the dough ball into sections. I did 4 sections at a time so i can do small batches instead of a huge one at one time.  After you have cut into sections you can roll it out by hand on a floured surface or place in your pasta roller .


If you are rolling it out by hand I suggest let the flat dough sit for about 10 mins before slicing into thin strips. If using a pasta maker follow the instructions on the machine you have.  After you have cut them to your desired length and size hang them on a pasta rack  or floured cookie sheet to dry.  If you are making this for tonight’s meal let sit for 30 mins before cooking. If you are making this to store for future use let sit for an hour then take 2 or 3 slices and carefully fold them together , place on a cookie sheet and allow to sit another 3-4 hours if storing in the freezer, 12-24 hours if storing in an air tight container in the cup board. This recipe makes about 2 traditional 16 oz boxes you can buy at the store. When ready to make boil  water with sea salt added, once it is boiling add your pasta and allow to cook for 5 mins, if you completely dried them then allow to cook for 10 mins.

Spinach pasta.

There you have it, clean, organic spinach pasta. Great as a side or apart of a main dish. Eating your veggies has never tasted so good and look at how fun this pasta looks! Comments, questions or concerns just drop them below! Smile life is good!

Spinach Pasta Recipe
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14 Comments on Spinach Pasta Recipe

  1. This is a great post. I was just talking about this to my girlfriend the other day.

    This is great. I assume that it is very healthy also. I like how you went into detail on how to fix this up. The bulletins are a great help.

    I will ask this. What type of blender should I buy. Which is the best brand.

    • yes, this recipe is very good for you. I recommend getting a Ninja blender as in my experience it does an amazing job and has already lasted me 2 years and still works like it has since day 1. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the pasta.

    • from puree the spinach, making the dough and rolling it out to sit took about 45mins. If you are inexperience I would recommend using a Pasta maker. The dough is pretty simple so you shouldn’t have any issues. If you have any problems or questions feel free to ask and I will help in anyway I can. There is only one way to learn and that is to just do it! Thank you and happy cooking

  2. Hey Barbra, nice try on making spinach pasta. I am definitely going to try it for my kid. Actually he does not prefer to have spinach in his meals but on the other hand, he loves pasta. 🙂 I think that he is going to like spinach in this different and unique way.

  3. I love pasta and this is definitely ssomethingI’m going to try.It looks simple and easy to make and on top of it does look healthy and it is something I really can’t wait to try in my kitchen.
    How different is it from regular pasta though?
    And can I use an alternative for egg or skip it?

    • Not really that much different. Has the same texture and taste great. You can skip the egg and add a tablespoon more water if you like. Thank you

  4. This is such a great recipe, and something I’ve never thought of doing before. I’m a vegetarian so I’m always looking for new tasty vegetarian recipes so I’ll definitely add this to the list. Do you think it would be possible to make it with other vegetables or at least leafy greens?

  5. I’m in awe of anyone who can create a recipe. AND I just love pasta. I can’t wait to try this recipe. I was just wondering how I could make it gluten free. Do you think I could substitute almond flour for the wheat? I’ve not ever seen pasta made from almond flour, but your recipe definitely got me thinking. Great site!! Keep up the good work. We need more people like you putting good content out like this!

    • Thank you very much. You can use Almond flour, coconut flour, rice flour or oatmeal flour. You could always use a combination of different flours. I hope this helped. Thanks again ❤

  6. Hi Barbra,
    What a good healthy alternative. I am going on a 8 week very extreme cleaning diet plan soon however I dont want it to just be 8 weeks and at the end of it I will implement good clean eating into mine and my families everyday diets.

    A good alternative for spaghetti is actually just making spiral zuchinni. You can get a spiral tool that does this. We all know pasta is quite bland from a pkt and with zuchinni it gives a similar texture (you put your fav low cal sauce on top) but it gives you about 100 less calories per serve.

    Anyway good recipe and article
    Cheers, Sharon

    • This pasta recipe is very clean and can be used in your diet. Do you mean low carbs, perhaps? If that is the case, try spaghetti squash.

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