Organic Makeup remover pads


With the summer dying down and the weather getting cooler, I tend to wear more makeup then normal.  By the end of the day it can seem like a huge chore to remove all that makeup so I usually grab wipes as it is quick and easy and all you have to do is rinse with cool water after using. There are a few problems though, store bought makeup remover pads are outrageous in price and are usually full of chemicals we don’t want on our skin. Remember what your skin eats you eat. The store bought organic pads are great as they don’t have any harsh chemicals, but they are even more expensive then the tradtional makeup remover pads.  I have developed a recipe that is not only better than store bought, but can be easily customized to your skin care needs. I will be listing off several versions of this recipe and how to make. Over all the process is very simple and your wallet will thank you. 


Dry Skin Makeup remover

Oily/Acne prone Makeup remover

Normal/Combination Skin

In a bowl combine water, essential oils, soap and carrier oil of choice. Mix well, pour half into a 8 oz manson jar. Place cotton pads in the jar and pour remaining mixture over the pads. Screw on lid and gently shake tiping it up and down. Allow to sit for 5 mins before using.  To use take pad and wipe all over the face and eyes, rinse face with cool water.

And there you have it! Organic, DIY Makeup remover pads. No harsh chemicals and cheap to make.  Have you tried it? Let me know in the comment section below! Stay healthy , stay beautiful!! XOXOXo

Organic Makeup remover pads
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