multi-purpose cleaner


natural DIY multi-purpose cleaner

natural DIY multi-purpose cleaner
natural DIY multi-purpose cleaner

Organic and Natural Multi-purpose household cleaner

Everyone knows how important a good quality multi-purpose product is in any home. Can use it anywhere, at anytime and without the need for multiple different products cluttered everywhere. Now what’s better then a multi-purpose cleaner? A natural,organic , non toxic cleaner! What if I told you almost everything you need to clean is already sitting right in your kitchen? Yes, I know crazy right?! Let’s get into what works best for a natural , organic multi-purpose product and why.

Distilled white vinegar is the core to a lot of my DIY natural and organic cleaning products. It’s cheap and who doesn’t love saving money on their household budget. It is extremely versatile, salads, baked goods, meats and you guessed it cleaning. Safe to use around children and pets as it is non toxic and better for the environment then traditional chemical cleansers. Go Green! A very affective mold killer, antimicrobial properties, and natural deodorizer. Now, I understand vinegar doesn’t have the best of smells , but in a minute I will discuss how to mask that smell.

Lemon juice is amazing! High acidity level which is great for grease and grime , smells fantastic, and natural disinfectant.

Essential oils. Here is where the fun begins because they are not necessary for your DIY cleaning but, they can add extra disinfectant agents to your products and you can customs create your own preferred scent. ahhhhhh

To make your own multi-purpose household cleaner you will need:

A spray bottle
Measuring cups

Your vinegar, lemon juice and Essential oils.

Mix 1 cup distilled white vinegar, 2 Table spoons of lemon juice and 10-20 drops of your preferred essential oils (tea tree and rosemary are my absolute favorites) into the 32oz spray bottle. Simply fill the rest of the bottle up with water , give a gentle shake and clean, clean, clean away.

Easy peasy right?! You do not have to use organic products to make this but as always is recommended to guarantee the purest form. Natural/organic, budget friendly and most importantly non toxic!!! Happy cleaning !

I love to hear what everyone has to say so drop a comment below and remember to smile, you’re beautiful!



multi-purpose cleaner
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