Homemade Greek Yogurt Recipe


Who doesn’t love sweet, smooth, silky Greek yogurt.  My family goes through a ton of Greek yogurt for it just taste so good and I don’t mind as it has a ton of health benefits. What I like the most about Greek yogurt is how simple it is to make and how it is full of gut healthy probiotics. Probiotics are so essential for maintaining a healthy, clean eating lifestyle. They support health digestion, help with certain skin problems, can help with some types of allergies, help keep belly fat in check and helps build up your immune system.  A lot of traditional yogurts you find in the store are loaded up with so many thickeners, fillers, artificial ingredients they turn something so good for you, into something that you shouldn’t be eating.  With just 2 ingredients I will show you how to make your own traditional Greek yogurt.

Place the 2 quarts of milk into a large pot on stove and place on medium-high heat. While stiring constantly allow to cook (boil) until it reaches 180 degrees.


After it reaches 180 turn down the heat to med-low and stir constantly for 20mins while keeping the temp at 180.  after the 20 mins turn off heat and allow to cool until it reaches 140 degrees. Do not place in the fridge to cool down faster, you want to leave it on the stove to cool down slowly. This all helps in the thickening of the end product of the yogurt.


At this time mix in one packet of yogurt starter, you may also add some stevia and vanilla if you prefer to.  Pour the milk into the container of your yogurt maker.    



Allow to sit untouched for 10 hours. After that time turn off the yogurt maker and take the jar out.  Let sit untouched at room temp for 30 mins. After this time strain the yogurt into a cheese cloth or yogurt strainer .      The longer you allow it to strain the thicker it becomes so the length of time depends on your preference.  Once it has strained discard the liquid and place yogurt in an air tight container and store in the fridge for 2 hours before eating. Will keep for 1 week in the fridge.


homemade organic greek yogurt

There you have it, healthy homemade greek yogurt. Seems easy right? Let me know what kind of yogurt creations you made.

Homemade Greek Yogurt Recipe
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3 Comments on Homemade Greek Yogurt Recipe

  1. This is a great post and a money saver for me. I love Greek yogurt. But it is fairly expensive where I buy it from. I love how you went into detail. On how to create this at home. I will bookmark your site and share this post on a few social media sites.

    Thank you and I will be back soon

  2. Fabulous post!, this seems fairly quick and simple due to the way you broke down the recipe and procedure. I am hooked on Chobani Greek Gurt and would love to have an alternative to making some of my own which you have provided. This looks ultra delicious and can be customized easily, might toss some blueberries in my first batch..Yum!!! Thank you.

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