Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta Recipe


I have seen this recipe, Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta, floating all over social media. So many people seem to be raving about it, but once we look at the ingredients that are put into this dish we then become upset as it isn’t very healthy.  So I sat here because just like many of you I want good food that is clean, organic, I can eat guilt free and my taste buds will dance for.  I played around until I created the perfect clean eating, organic Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta recipe. Not to sound full of myself , but I think my adapted clean version is better then the original. And you can have this whole meal done in 30mins! We love our quick dinners on busy nights! We are using creamy greek yogurt in place of heavy cream, organic bacon, organic chicken breast, organic ranch seasoning in place of ranch dressing, whole wheat pasta in place of white pasta, organic chicken broth and extra virgin olive oil.  Are you as excited as  I am about this as I am?

In a large skillet on med heat add the olive oil, once heated add the chicken and bacon that was cut up into small chunks. Cook until done. Remove the chicken and bacon, in that same skillet add the yogurt and chicken broth, stir until combined well; add the seasoning, stir well. If using homemade pasta that isn’t dry yet add it into the mixture and simmer on med low heat for 5 mins. If using pasta that is completely dry simmer in a pot of boiling water for 5 mins, then add to the skillet to simmer another 5 mins. 


Add the chicken and bacon back into the pan and toss until everything is coated.  Serve hot makes 4-5 servings.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta

chicken Bacon ranch pasta

How good does that look?! Made in 30 mins, organic and it’s clean! Feel free to add some broccoli to make it an all in one healthy meal! Comments, questions or concerns drop them below. Stay healthy, stay beautiful!! XOXOXO

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta Recipe
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